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A  Recent Story

The following story was related to me at our question and answer book signing at 72 and Dodge, Borders Bookstore in Omaha NE, Jan. 9, 2001.

"The year was 1965. I had just gotten my license. I left my home in South Omaha, Nebraska, anxious to get to the game in Lincoln, NE some 68 miles away.

It wasn't long when a pink car with a white top passed me. We were alone on the highway, so I thought "Why not?" I pressed on the accelerator and kept pace with him -- about a half-mile back.

A little over halfway there, I noticed flashing lights in my rear view mirror. They were coming over the hill. I immediately slowed down to 85.

Sirens wailing, lights flashing. It didn't take long for him to catch up to me.

He started to pass me in the other lane then he turned off his lights and siren.

He just stayed even with my rear bumper.

My life passed before my eyes. I knew what would happen. He would pull me over, give me a ticket, then my dad would find out.

I was dead! I knew that I would never live to see another birthday. My dad would kill me when he found out!

Sweet poured off my forehead, my hands were sweaty but I dare not take one off to dry it -- I was shaking too much.

Then it happened.

The lights came on. The siren came on, and off went the police officer. The pink car had also slowed down but was now a mile ahead.

When the officer caught up with that vehicle he did the same thing.

Lights off. Hang beside him -- even with his bumper.

Then the lights came on again. The first car was stopped.

I slowed down to 45.

I figured that the officer would point to the shoulder of the road and I would be given my death sentence. Let it be the firing squad -- something merciful.

I approached.

This was it.

The officer then did something that I will never forget.

He turned his back on me

I drove past.

I do not know who that officer was but he saved my life. Out of respect and thanks to him I have never again speeded. Thank you, Sir, whoever you are….."


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