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Driving into town decelerating from a 60 MPH zone down to a 45 MPH zone, then finally to a 35 MPH zone, "Tom" received a ticket for 53/35 MPH zone.   He was actually doing 38 MPH entering the 35 MPH zone, going to turn right in two blocks, on his way to work.

He'd gone under some very high voltage lines which crossed the road originating from a Nuclear Power Plant just 4 miles away.  There were also cars closing in on him from behind in the 45 MPH and 60 MPH zone going around a right hand curve in the road.

We suspect harmonics causing a bad reading on the police radar unit.  Or because radar is over 200 feet wide at 1000 feet, the radar just shot past the lead vehicle, captured a rearward, slowing-down vehicle (53) and Tom was cited because he was the closest.  This happened at 6 am in the morning, during nighttime hours. 

Bond was posted waiting for trial, 53/35 Zone = $147.00

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